The Most Underrated Pleasures of Life

Danish Walia a.k.a ‘Dan’ is a juvenile, crabby and contemptible understudy of the five-star inn Radisson Blu. He never realizes his obligation for working in an inn ‘Radisson Blu’ and keeps working fair for it. Though, Shiuli Iyer could be gullible however warm, sincere, and vivacious. She is balanced and generally hesitant amid her working hours.

October snippets

The director intelligently takes us into the lives of these protagonists with nuance. There’s no over the top sum of feelings at the show, or maybe it makes a certain sum of interest approximately Dan and Shiuli. The cinematography, the script and the direction are a representation of ‘out of the box’ thought prepare. It requires a colossal sum of tolerance and gratefulness for life to make such a perfect work of art. Exhibitions by Gitanjali Rao as Shiuli’s mother is piercing and solid at the same time. Varun Dhawan as Dan grandstands the journey of its character from contemptible to sensible without any misrepresentation. Banita Sandhu as Shiuli incorporates an exceptionally subtle character to play and she does that flawlessly.

The movie continues by portraying all the ordinary assignments being done by Dan and Shiuli at the inn. As time advances, there comes a day, after which the story takes an emotional turn and begins revolving around Shiuli. On the night of 31st December, all the understudies but for Dan were partying without consent on the patio. Shiuli, whereas inquiring, “Where is Dan?”, tries to sit on the wharf of the porch as a result of the dew it got to be elusive and she fell from gigantic tallness.

She had to be conceded to the healing centre instantly due to her critical condition. She got to be oblivious and slipped into a coma. She had a family in which her more youthful brother and sister were understudies and her mother was a teacher at IIT Delhi. Her father passed on a long back.

Dan finds out approximately this occurrence after a day and inquires his companions, “Did she say anything?” To which, his companion reacts, “She inquired, Where is Dan?” It was a straightforward address without any proof of the passionate venture of Shiuli. However, it overwhelmed Dan. He was disturbed and needed to discover the reason behind her request! He rushes to the hospital to pay her a visit. His life takes an unknown turn and changes him entirely.

Now, to comprehend what happens next you’ll need to watch the movie. You might be wondering what’s so new in this story? What is so special about it that one should watch the movie?

Plato about ‘Love’

What October teaches us?

The subject of this movie was despairing and connection of people with the fall season. It appeared as the blossoms drop amid September, October, and November; an individual very precious to us can too take off the world without living a full life. There’s no got to feel the significance of individuals in our lives after they take off us. It ought to happen each day. Each ordinary assignment we perform with our beloved people ought to be embraced and cherished. It is fundamental to create others feel adored. There’s nothing on this planet on the off chance that it isn’t for love!

Love is the foremost underrated joy of our lives. It can not be portrayed as an emotion, yet it is present in each animal on the soil. This movie grandstands adore as something unpretentious and moving which can make us sacrificial, and dependable. It can give a sense of reason. There’s no “I Love You” in this story, yet there was a presence of it. If the story of Dan and Shiuli may be depicted in a sentence, it would be “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller

A byproduct of this story was to give us a sense of gratefulness for our consciousness. The most underrated trait of the human body is to ‘breath’. We all are slaves of our body. Every ambition we have, everything that we dream becomes a reality because of our health. If each organ of our body is working properly then and only then we can achieve everything that we want. Giving priority to our health is quite important. The plight of a family whose loved one is unhealthy and hospitalized for quite a long time is shown in an impactful manner.

Even though, I wrote the whole story and the analysis of it. I would encourage you to take out 2 hours of your life and watch this movie. You will find your own truth out of this cinematic brilliance. Other than the technical grandeur of the film, I felt we should be thankful for every human being and the perfect working organs at our disposal and ought to grasp each occasion in any case of its result instead of complaining around all the terrible things that have happened to us.




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Co-Founder at RiffScript - Digital Marketing Firm. Contact us for business queries at